Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The doll museum.

                               Here is me with a cabinet of barbies,kens,midges and some sindys.
                                                         A Alice in wonderland display.
              Us with the lady who owns the doll museum and makes some of the dolls that are there.

                                                      Some cute baby dolls in a old pram.

                                             Me cordy and nannan looking at some old dresses.
                                                    Some more baby dolls in prams.
                                                                 Twin baby dolls.
                                       A bigger baby doll and a smaller baby doll [How many more ??].
                                          Some dolls that the lady has sewn .Good aren't they?
                                                              That is a LOT of dolls.
                                                             A Alice in wonderland display.
                                                          A Robin hood display.

                                                Us looking at some Shirley temple dolls.
                                                                      Some more dolls.
                                                                 And some more.
It was a great place. I am hoping to go there again soon with my doll Lola . I will take some more pics then.Bye!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Flat travellers

 At the moment we are doing flat travellers .Above is a picture of us holding Leo legoman before we sent him off.
                                         This is William the flat traveller we received in the post . 
William was a V.I.P guest at Cordelia's  birthday party.He also went to DRAX power station with us .

DRAX Nature Reserve

Above is a picture of some baby tree's that DRAX are growing into a forest so that the roots of the tree's hold the ash mound together.If you chopped down the tree's the ash mound would collapse.
                                Here are some bigger tree's a bit further on. They have been there for fifteen years .
                                                       A badger sett. 
 A shot of the pond and the ash mound . The DRAX visit was great and it was extremely interesting and fun.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

DRAX Power Station Visit

 Here is me and my brother and sister standing in front of one of the eight cooling tower's .
                                     This is a picture of a miniature model of DRAX .
                                         This is the ash heap next to DRAX .It was a great day out!!

Cordelia turns 9!!!!

 I would just like to say happy birthday  to the best
sister ever!! I hope she enjoyed herself and liked her

Here is a picture of her before the party .
Below is one of her after having her face painted.

Once again happy birthday little sis xxx


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My first post!!!

Yay!! Its my first post!! Here are a few things about me.

  • My name is pippi.
  • I am 10.
  • My favourite books are: Pippi Longstocking ,The harry potter books, The diary of Anne frank.
  • My favourite activities are: singing, paper fashions,barbies and writing .  
  • and last of all bye!!!