Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The doll museum.

                               Here is me with a cabinet of barbies,kens,midges and some sindys.
                                                         A Alice in wonderland display.
              Us with the lady who owns the doll museum and makes some of the dolls that are there.

                                                      Some cute baby dolls in a old pram.

                                             Me cordy and nannan looking at some old dresses.
                                                    Some more baby dolls in prams.
                                                                 Twin baby dolls.
                                       A bigger baby doll and a smaller baby doll [How many more ??].
                                          Some dolls that the lady has sewn .Good aren't they?
                                                              That is a LOT of dolls.
                                                             A Alice in wonderland display.
                                                          A Robin hood display.

                                                Us looking at some Shirley temple dolls.
                                                                      Some more dolls.
                                                                 And some more.
It was a great place. I am hoping to go there again soon with my doll Lola . I will take some more pics then.Bye!!

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